Pitch:  ArchiPol sings about Emmanuelle, his best friend he was in love with, but who never became his lover.

Producers: Ivan Magrin-Chagnolleau and Paul Vialard.

Production Company: ALOHA FILMS.

Music and Lyrics: Paul Vialard.

Written by Ivan Magrin-Chagnolleau and Paul Vialard.

Directed by Ivan Magrin-Chagnolleau.

Interpreted by Paul Vialard and Lou Stirn-Viallon.

Cinematography, editing, and color grading: Ivan Magrin-Chagnolleau.

1st AD: Thibaut Tisserant.

2nd AD: Elliott Lefebvre.

Location Manager: Alex Arbarotti.

Make-up: Axelle Tiberio.

Country: France.

Running Time: 4 minutes.

In color.

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